Frequently Asked Questions

First: we create a list of the communities and neighborhoods within a 3-10 mile radius of your office(s). We then research particular keywords and their traffic and competition. The radius and keyword list is adjusted to match the size of your order.

We assign a local phone number to the project that rings in your office and write a video script that targets the particular practice you choose. This is where AI steps in and creates from a dozen to hundreds of unique videos with matching thumbnails. The project is drip-fed to YouTube and Google. Meanwhile, our team, along with AI, build out backlinks, citations, and content, to support your Google Page One ranking.

The video voiceover and an attached Explainer Avatar encourage the prospect to call the number they see on their screen immediately for a free consultation. The goal is to offer the prospective client instant gratification and convey to them that it is imperative they discuss their case with a lawyer ASAP.

It can, but it usually addresses the legal problem that the prospective client is searching for. We use an Avatar to bolster the capabilities of the law firm.

Just click on the Prices page and choose the package you prefer. This will start the ai keyword research part of the program. You pay nothing more for 60 days. This gives us the time and the money to build out your program and get your videos ranked on Google Page One.

We will email you an ACH form that will enable monthly payments by direct deposit. This helps keep our prices down by avoiding the fees charged by PayPal and credit card companies.

Yes you can. Email support and they will set it up for you.

Google owns YouTube. Google gives YouTube every consideration for ranking. The algorithm for ranking a YouTube video is not as stringent when compared to traditional SEO. We use ai to guide us on the best path to Page One.

Anywhere from 60 minutes to 6 weeks. Some keywords are very difficult to rank. If it doesn’t happen in 6 weeks we will go with a different keyword. Our ai program reviews and chooses the best keywords to rank that have decent traffic. We send you a spreadsheet of the ai report so you can choose the keywords you prefer.

The general public has a very short attention span. We have 3-seconds to capture their attention and about 20 seconds to get into the meat of message. We further use a mesmerizing sketch video to hold their attention for a minute or more. We focus the video on getting the prospective client to dial the phone number they see on the screen. We ask them to dial it now to discuss their case with a lawyer. We also use “Tap-to-Call” for smart phones.

It’s handled exactly like your normal client calls, use voicemail or a live answering service.

Yes, but you will be turning a prospective client from an impulse buyer to a visitor. 90% or more of website visitors leave the site without contacting anyone. It’s the impulse to get their questions answered immediately that makes our Page One program so successful.

You can. We will let ai analyze them and compare them with the list of keywords ai provides. The smart choice is to claim a block of the keywords with the highest traffic and least competition. Hopefully some of your personal keywords will be on the list. We’ll send you a spreadsheet so you can choose which keywords you want.

No. We have a different business model to avoid setup fees. You pay the first month of your program in advance. We use that payment to finance setting up your Page One Campaign. This way you get real value for your money. Your first month is paid. Please note that traditional SEO requires a substantial setup fee. It’s just lost money. That’s why we don’t do it.

Not for you. is bearing the cost of producing the videos. That includes synchronizing the scenes, background music, voice overlay, and providing a unique tracking phone number for each video. There are NO production charges billed to you.

No. The tracking phone number comes with a transcribing service so that you will have the details of the case in writing as expressed by your new client.

We use traditional SEO white hat practices i.e. backlinks, citations and relevant unique content. The difference is that we are guided by ai as to which path to follow for success.

No. Our Page One Marketing Program is a stand-alone program that runs parallel to whatever marketing you are currently doing. There is no danger of your website being penalized by our efforts to get your firm on Page One.

No. If you are happy with the results, keep it. The keywords we will be promoting will probably be different.

Yes, provided that our ai software clears the keywords as high traffic with low competition. We normally use ai to choose the keywords for a project.

Yes, after the first month. It’s best that you allow the program 30 days to prove itself and create enough revenue to pay for your program.

We auction them off to another local attorney.

This helps defray the cost of deploying your page one campaign. It is also how we avoid charging you a setup fee. You get full credit for your initial payment for the first month of service and a free month while we are building out your campaign. Billing starts 60 days after the first group of keywords are ranked on Google Page One.

Yes. You will need to pay cash for the first month. This helps defray the expense of producing and deploying your thumbnails and videos. We have no way to create a monthly auto-pay for crypto so you will need to pay annually (or more) in advance.