About Us

We are, a division of Email B2B, Inc. We have been in the commercial digital marketing space since 2005. Actually, before that promoting our own entities.

The “ai” in our domain suffix indicates we are a member of the Artificial Intelligence community. That’s our secret sauce.

We are a group of highly creative digital marketing individuals with an acute understanding of client acquisition and monetization.

We understand, it’s extremely inconvenient for a busy lawyer to spend time away from their practice “meeting and greeting” in order to recruit new clients. It gets old really fast.

We understand, the prohibitive cost of advertising and the ongoing expense of traditional SEO campaigns with no guarantee of success, at all.

We understand, that clients have more choices than ever and know how to search for them. 90.1% of people needing legal services turn to Google. 74% buy from Page One. 61% choose a firm in the 3-pack.

We understand, that competition, for new clients, especially with lucrative cases, is absolutely brutal.

We understand, you need to level the client acquisition playing field. The big firms are vacuuming up most of the best cases.

We understand, that the digital world is changing faster than ever. Traditional marketing is overpriced and underperforming and can’t compete in the digital world.

We understand, that a new channel leading to Google Page One has been developed through Artificial Intelligence.

We understand, that AI can show us the path to Google Page One through its little brother, YouTube.

We understand, that AI can analyze the competition and formulate an SEO White Hat Formula to outrank even the most dominant law firm positions.

We understand, that AI can create far more stunning videos and faster than our human pea-brains.

We understand that, AI can create a video, choose a high traffic keyword, optimize the parts and pieces, and then rank it on Page One of Google in a couple of days. Not always, not every keyword, but close.

We understand that traditional SEO can take months to accomplish what we can accomplish in a few days via AI. As they say: “time is money”.

We understand, if we say what we will do, and do what we say, you will love us … all the way to the bank. We guarantee it.

That’s What We Are All About!

“We Understand”


Simply Stated


We create a video using AI that focuses on the search term that the prospect entered in Google Search. We go deeper than just advertising the Law Firm or the practice. For instance in the Personal Injury category, we might create a video addressing wrongful death, injury by a drunk driver, or injured on the job. It all depends on what the prospect is searching for. They will gravitate towards the video that they find on Google Page One as being “On-Point”. There is a high likelihood that the prospect calls the local phone number in the video to talk to a lawyer about his/her case.

It’s imperative to hold the attention of the prospect throughout the video from beginning to end. The quality of the video makes a difference.

The AI program further applies Photo-to-3D sketch and Text-to-3D sketch technology in nine distinct designs, styles and themes.

The final pieces of the puzzle are voiceover, music, subtitles and captions. AI takes all this and translates it into your desired language and synchronizes it into dazzling scenes addressing the prospect’s legal concern.

And Wala, a stunning sketch legal video has been created in a language of your choice.

We further use an Avatar to explain further and tout the reputation of the Law Firm.


There are many lanes on the road to serious monetization. We’ll start with the slow but steady lane.

Post your video on your website for visitors to see. Let the video pitch your wares. Use an Avatar to entice the visitor to click over to your Contact page or Phone your Office directly.

You can also share your video on video sharing sites and social media to help drive traffic to your firm’s website.

Email your video to your client list to encourage repeat business and generate referrals. Use our new technology of personalized videos individualized to each client by name.

Or, you can be the Clarence Darrow of the Fastlane by using Artificial Intelligence to put your custom video on the First Page of Google and atop YouTube’s search results with an Avatar answering client’s questions via a chat box. is by far the most creative and superior of all marketing systems in terms of price vs speed of results. 

Enhanced Communication

Once you have a video on Google Page One, resist modifying it.

You have driven a claiming stake in the ground over your gold mine – don’t move it or you could lose it. The Google algorithm is a heartless wench.

Google could drop your ranking by a couple pages if you mess with the optimized formula that got you there.

You can communicate with your visitors about anything you want with an Avatar featuring a chat box. Google cannot see the communications.

“A WHAT?” You ask. That’s right, an AI Avatar.

Avatars come in many characters, styles, ethnicities and languages.

You can change the message everyday if you so please. Just email support. There will be a small charge for this, of course.

Google does not pick up on the Avatar’s conversation. Avatars won’t help you with SEO, but they won’t trash your ranking either.

I would like you to meet Jenna, one of 24 avatars that speak 26 languages. Click the button to meet her. :

our creative team


Raymond Klingenberg


  • JD, Class of ‘79
  • Fox Hunter
  • Rated polo player
  • Martial arts black belt
  • Former Ferrari owner
  • Chief Janitor & Sanitation engineer

Aviana “Ava” Baron

Director of Operations

  • Head-strong & demanding
  • It’s gotta be right
  • Her way or the highway

Cathy Carmine

Design Director

  • Born to design
  • Italian thru & thru
  • No flash – no cash